monkey in the rain in a forest

sketch of a monkey getting rained on in a forest from a new upcoming story from Hayes Roberts, bluebison

monkey in the rain

rain in a city

sketch of a rainy city in an new story from Hayes Roberts

rain in a city

monkey in a house

sketch of a monkey walking through his house

monkey in a house

green llama in the rain

sketch of a monkey riding a green llama in the rain

green llama in the rain

Invisible Alligators, a new children’s book

a monkey looking at invisible alligators under her bed

Invisible Alligators

invisible alligators, a children's book by hayes roberts

a story of a monkey who has all sorts of problems caused by the invisible alligators that sneak out each night from under her bed, and how things eventually work out for the best.

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The Wiener Dog Magnet on your iPhone

Enjoy The Wiener Dog Magnet children’s story on your iPhone! Swipe the screen to turn the pages; choose from an adult narrator, child narrator, or no narrator at all. For times when you just don’t have room for those large bulky unwieldy “paper books”.

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an invisible alligator stealing chocolate cake mix

cartoon invisible alligator stealing chocolate cake mix from a kangaroo family

an invisible alligator stealing chocolate cake mix from a kangaroo family, from the impending book, Invisible Alligators

د زړه ور سمندري غله تقليد كول – The Brave Monkey Pirate children’s story translated into Afghani Pashto

The Brave Monkey Pirate translated into Pashto (Afghani).

( د زړه ور سمندري غله تقليدكول ) كتاب د ماشومانو لپاره دى . دغه كتاب د سمندرى غله د تقليد كولو په اړه دى . او په دې كيسه كې مودي اړ وو چې د پېچكاري كولو لپاره روغتون ته ولاړ شي ، خو ده داسې يوه زېرمه وموندله چې هر څه به يي ورته ښكلي ښكاره كول .

PDF of a children's book in Afghani (Pashto) called The Brave Monkey PirateView it as a PDF

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A mágnestacskó (a children’s story in Hungarian)

A mágnestacskó (The Wiener Dog Magnet in Hungarian),
egy gyerekeknek szóló könyv a majomlányról, aki egy kicsi kutya formájú mágnest vásárol, mely katasztrofális következményekkel jár. De a történet végén meglepően jóra fordulnak az események.

PDF of a children's book in Hungarian called The Wiener Dog MagnetView it as a PDF

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bluebison stories

bluebison stories

stories from the land of bluebison.