a kingsnake

illustration of a king snake

a kingsnake in a tree

a blue mongoose running with some vipers

cartoon blue mongoose with two snakes

a blue mongoose with some dead vipers

an animal menorah for hanukkah

cartoon animal menorah with a penguin and giraffe lighting the candles

a hanukkah menorah made of gold animals

the year of the snake

a cartoon drawing of a snake, the sixth animal of the chinese zodiac, the year of the snake

a chinese snake, from the chinese zodiac

a cave with bats and glowing mushrooms and two waterfalls

a screen background of a bats' cave full of glowing mushrooms with two giant waterfalls that have just come crashing through the ceiling

screen background: bats in a cave disturbed by two waterfalls crashing through the ceiling

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a chameleon and a sleeping green tree python

drawing of cartoon chameleon and a green tree snake asleep

a chameleon accidentally finding a sleeping green snake

a red snake avatar

red snake avatar 100 px

a red snake avatar

a monkey and a snake meeting an owl

a cartoon owl, a monkey, and a snake

a monkey and a snake meeting an owl

a monkey with a pet snake

a cartoon monkey with his pet snake

a monkey and his pet snake

a monkey and a snake swimming under a waterfall

a cartoon monkey and a snake swimming

a monkey and a snake swimming together

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murals: penguins in the jungle

animals of the sierra nevada: rattlesnake

cartoon rattlesnake

  • The rattlesnake’s rattle is made up of material like our fingernails.
  • The rattlesnake only makes noise when it wants to scare something away, it is silent when it hunts.
  • Because a rattlesnake’s fangs often break when biting an animal, they have “reserve fangs” that replace them in a few hours.